Digitalizing Permit Processes

with SpotWise

Switching to the Spotwise digital solution is akin to moving up from a traditional pen-and-paper setup to a cutting-edge computer. It‘s a significant step towards the future, where smooth operations, easy access, and improved convenience are paramount, resulting in a seamless transformation that opens up endless possibilities for your business.

Simplify Your Parking Process

Ditch the Paperwork


Sophisticated Meter Management and Reservation System with SpotWise Technology

Tailored for local governments and parking managers, this system allows for the creation of various reservation types, tracks parking space availability, and simplifies the process of implementing temporary curbside blocks or reservations.

Discover the Benefits of Our Innovative

Digital Parking Permit System

Uncover the power of our cutting-edge parking permit system and robust platform to enhance your business.


  • Embrace the Digital Era: Bid farewell to conventional permits and paperwork. Easily manage all your permit needs from start to finish, completely online.

  • Create Your Own Permits: Customize the permits you require, whether they are for recurring purposes or a single occasion. You also have the power to select their duration.

  • Seamless Boss Mode: From approvals and renewals to waitlist management, you're in control. Effortless and hassle-free.

  • Effortlessly Efficient: Let Us Transfer Your Permit Holders to Spotwise Platform - No Effort Required!

  • Stay Informed: Don't miss a beat with our seamless notification system. Receive emails for receipts, timely reminders before permits expire, and gentle prompts for renewals to ensure you're always up to date.

Permit Types

  • Effortlessly Confirm Eligibility for Your Home: With our advanced technology, we take the hassle out of confirming your address. Say goodbye to tedious manual searches and approving applications individually.

  • Strictly Assigned Permits: Our permits are meticulously tailored to individual addresses, guaranteeing an accurate fit.

  • Simplify Managing Guest and Visitor Permits: Easily handle all guest and visitor permits in a single location, eliminating the hassle of printing and mailing individual permits.

Data and Reporting

  • Empower Your Permits Team: Equip your permits team with the necessary tools for streamlined operations.

  • Streamline your permits process with All-In-One Permit Reports: Your go-to destination for comprehensive permit information, including approvals, applicant details, and waitlist management, conveniently accessible in a single platform.

  • Streamline Your Waitlist Process: Our dynamic system takes the hassle out of managing waitlists by automatically generating personalized offers with adjustable expiration windows.

  • Streamline Your Approval Process: With our streamlined approval process and advanced search and filtering capabilities, you'll breeze through your queue and approve user applications in record time.

  • Leveraging Data for Better Decision-Making: Receive Comprehensive Reports on Financial Analysis, Inventory Management, Usage Trends, and Waitlist Status.

  • Streamline the Process: Simplify the issuing and renewal of permits, with the option for in-person or mail submission, while also effortlessly managing payment tracking for comprehensive reports.

Branded Portal

  • Impress Your Customers: Bring a smile to your customers' faces by creating an online hub that perfectly reflects your brand's look and feel.

  • Effortlessly Safe Permits: Simplify the process with a convenient city-branded portal for secure permit applications and payments that can be done at any time, from virtually anywhere.

  • Personalize Your Control: Take Charge of Online Customization for Permit Holders. Create a Tailored Experience that Meets Your Specific Demands.

  • Convenient FAQS: Embed your own customized FAQs directly into the portal for ease of access. This way, permit holders can easily navigate through your services and regulations without any extra effort.


Speedy, Easy, and Protected Financial Transactions

Boost Your Financial Flow and Reduce Costs with SpotWise Payment Innovations

Join Forces with Payment Experts!

At SpotWise, our Payment Solutions seamlessly integrate with our comprehensive mobility platform, just like the perfect blend of peanut butter and jelly. Through our strong partnerships with trusted providers, managing payments becomes effortless. Enjoy simplified handling of your daily card transactions, whether credit or debit.

Here’s why this collaboration stands out:

  1. Streamlined Operations: Bid farewell to headaches and tangled reconciliations.
  2. Increased Profits: Benefit from reduced processing fees, allowing you to maximize your earnings.
  3. Gateway-Free Convenience: Say goodbye to third-party gateways and processors, ensuring smoother processes with fewer chances of errors.

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